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24 hours in Bermuda, by Tracy Smart

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Cottage.jpg (143146 bytes)

Colourful cottage

The beach!.jpg (135851 bytes)

At last a beach!

Moonstone gateway.jpg (131911 bytes)

Moon Gate

Rugged coast.jpg (143786 bytes)

Rugged coast

Fort.jpg (82726 bytes)

Fort St Catherine

Fort St Catherine.jpg (103421 bytes)

Ft. St Catherine Beach

Flowery fort.jpg (169199 bytes)

Fort and flowers

Local kids in the surf 1.jpg (67611 bytes)

Kids in the surf

Local kids in the surf 2.jpg (102774 bytes)

Tobacco Bay 2.jpg (116832 bytes)

Tobacco Bay silhouettes

Tobacco Bay.jpg (113582 bytes)

Tobacco Bay Beach Bar

Tropical flowers.jpg (198016 bytes)

Tropical flowers

Lane on north shore.jpg (216490 bytes)

Lane on the North Shore

Unfinished church.jpg (149614 bytes)

Unfinished Church

St George main drag.jpg (117930 bytes)

St Georges main drag

harbour view.jpg (129771 bytes)

Harbour view

harbour at sunset.jpg (135974 bytes)

Harbour at sunset

Kids.jpg (184996 bytes)

Kids at the South Shore

Horshoe Bay.jpg (128711 bytes)

Horseshoe Bay main beach

The little cove.jpg (166952 bytes)

Jeannie at the little beach

Birdseye view.jpg (182103 bytes)

Bird's eye view

Laundry day.jpg (163567 bytes)

Washing day

pink house.jpg (144914 bytes)

Old pink cottage, St Georges

whiteChurch.jpg (124990 bytes)


yellow house.jpg (120168 bytes)

Yellow house

White cottage 2.jpg (140472 bytes)

Back streets

White cottage.jpg (102230 bytes)

Shuttered House

Bermuda shutter.jpg (178849 bytes)

Bermuda shutter

Inside of church.jpg (189992 bytes)

Church interior

School.jpg (126888 bytes)


archway.jpg (166918 bytes)


Gardens.jpg (178149 bytes)


SG street.jpg (196248 bytes)

St Georges Street

Shopping in SG.jpg (132722 bytes)


Carriage.jpg (160792 bytes)

A civilised way to travel

View to Dinghy club.jpg (133274 bytes)

View of Dinghy Club

White Horse.jpg (141117 bytes)

White Horse Inn - GREAT Mussel Pies!

Rule Britannia.jpg (98292 bytes)

Rule Britannia!


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