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Here are the bios of some of the members of the Rwanda Peacekeeper e-group:

team.jpg (28405 bytes)Dave Jenkins

ASC: 2                                                  L-R Dave, Brett Dick, Carol Vaughn-Evans, John Harvey
Roles: Evac ambulance crewman, CCP medic, ward medic, resus medic, token Armoured Corps person, hospital neophyte, member of the Pied Piper of Kibeho's entourage.
Post Rwanda: Entered into and graduated from RMC Duntroon,
commissioned into Signals Corps, posted to 1 Command Support Unit as a Troop commander, Sqn IS security officer, Regimental S2, promoted to Captain and sent to long term schooling (Grad Dip Info Tech). 2IC Development Wing, Army Communications Training Centre, Watsonia, VIC.
Family: supported by my staggeringly patient wife Kate and our two
incredibly spoiled dogs.                      
Reflections: I tend to avoid looking into the pool.  I generally
don't like what I see.                                     Dave 2000 - he aint changed a bit!

Pete Matthey

Service:     RAAF
ASC:         2
Roles:       Wardmaster
PostRwanda:  No 3 RAAF Hospital RAAF Richmond  NSW
Job:         OPSO - SQNWOFF 3CSH
Reflections: I would give my eye tooth to go back now. Would love to go back and look up Jacko!

Philip Miller

Service:     Army
ASC:         1
Roles:       Radiographer
PostRwanda:  Still plodding along.
Job:         Radiography and Sonography
Family:      Wife and two sons
Reflections: I think that the whole contingent did a remarkable job under near impossible circumstances.  There are certainly things that I should have done better myself.

Peter Sharwood

Service:     Army
ASC:         1
Roles:       Orthopaedic Surgeon
Post Rwanda:  The same
Current Job:    Still orthopaedics but studying political science as well.
Family:    Wife & 4 daughters
Reflections: What a mess. The contingents did a great job and the deployment was a good one.  Nothing is ever perfect and in many ways more could have been done.   I recommend that all subscribers visit the UN web sites and examine the reports about the whole deployment, especially the report by the Nigerian General on UNAMIR 1.   This is most revealing.

At_Kibeho.jpg (77826 bytes)Tracy Smart    

ASC: 2                                                                 Kibeho, May 1995    
Roles: OIC Clinical Services, AEOO, Head RAAFie, Editor of RAAF Rwanderers  Post Rwanda: Went back to my job as SMO RAAF Williamtown, then posted to the RAAF Institute of Aviation Medicine in Adelaide. Promoted to Wing Commander and made CO, 1997.             
Current Job: Chief, Flight Medicine Operations, Air CombatClose up.jpg (52635 bytes) Command, Langley AFB, Virginia   
Family: Partner - Lisa                     
Reflections: We were there to help, and we did a good job!

Luke AFB F-16, Mar 2001

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