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Official Siteskagame08.jpg (15497 bytes)

Official Web Site of the President of the Republic of Rwanda H.E. Paul Kagame

Official Website for the Republic of Rwanda

Rwandan Embassy (US)

US Embassy in Kigali

Facts and Figures

African Studies - Rwanda Page

Rw-flag1.gif (28826 octets)Anthem

CIA Factbook

Constitution of Rwanda

Governments on the WWW: Rwanda

International Documentation Network on the Great African Lakes Region

Legal System in Rwanda

Rwandan Flag - apparently a new flag may be adopted soon

US State Department


Banque Commericale du Rwanda

General business information


Kigali Public Library

Diana Fossey Gorilla Fund



Congo Cookbook - recipes from all over Central Africa


The Twa

logo NUREducation

National University of Rwanda located in beautiful downtown Butare

Watson Institute on Rwanda

French Language

(By the way if you want to read these sites but don't read French too well, try BabelFish for an instant translation!)

Le Monde Diplomatique - articles on Rwanda

Liaison Rwanda

Ma modeste site du Rwanda - a private page

Radio France International

Rwanda 1994 Genocide - an excellent site about "le Rwanda, pays des milles collines"

Rwanda 2000



Visible Earth Project - see Rwanda from Space!



Dian Fossey and the Gorillas of the Virunga Volcanoes

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

Gorilla Fund International

Karisoke Research Centre, Rwanda

The Misty Future of Rwanda's Mountain Gorillas

Mountain Gorillas - a great educational site

Primate Research

Rwanda: International Gorilla Conservation Project (IGCP)

Kinyarwandan Sites


Mailing Lists

Rwanda Peacekeepers - the list of this website, for Australian Peacekeepers who served in Rwanda in 1994-5 as part of UNAMIR II.

Africa Daily 3 - news and discussion forum for all African nations however Rwanda gets a regular mention

Friends of Rwanda and Burundi - "a group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (as well as friends and associates) who served in Burundi or Rwanda."

Rwanda-l "This is a group of discussion working toward the reconciliation and the development of Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region".

Print and Film

See separate page

Travel and Tourism

Hotel Mille des Collines

l'Hôtel ISIMBI

Other Hotels

Lonely Planet Online - although it doesn't sound very promising

Rwanda gorillas welcome tourists


Travel Document Systems - factual info and visa requirements

Travel Notes

World Travel Guide

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